Welcome to the website for Unity Spiritual Center in Asbury NJ. Unity celebrates life. We view spiritual growth as an on-going daily practice in knowing our oneness with the power and love of God. The spiritual message we present is a positive approach to life, seeing the good in all people and circumstances. Unity relates our spirituality to daily needs, in a practical, affirming way that for every need there is a perfect answer.

Our 10 AM Sunday Service is a celebration of the presence of God in our lives. We encourage and support every individual to look within and find his or her connection with the Spirit of God that reveals all wisdom and direction. We give attention to the innate good that exists within right now, and seek to continually grow, unfold, and evolve into expressing our divine nature. This exhibits itself as a spiritual community that cares about each other’s dreams, hopes, and challenges. We express this as love, acceptance, encouragement, and authenticity. We are a heart-centered community that seeks to inspire and awaken one another to a greater experience of God and life!

Please join us for our Sunday Service. We have an excellent Youth Education program that begins at the same time. You are also invited to attend any of our classes and workshops. We honor the Spirit of God within you and affirm that the same Spirit is guiding you to your highest good—right now!


Join Us For the Third Annual
Sunday, Dec 7th bidding starts for our third annual Holiday Silent Service Auction!  Place your bids on Sunday mornings or by calling the Unity office at (908)730-8792

Prizes include: 

  • Two Hours of Home Organizing 
  • Back Massage w/Essential Oils 
  • Reiki Treatment w/Singing Bowls
  • Freshly Made Appetizers for Your Holiday Party
  • 90-Minute Integrated Massage Session
  • R&R w/the Unity Office Staff
  • Two Hours of Private Spiritual Counseling
  • Basic Will Preparation for Two
  • A Poetry Reading and 10 Poetry Books By Frenchtown Poet Ray Brown
  • One Copy of "I Have His Letters Still: Poetry of Everyday Life" by Frenchtown Poet Ray Brown
  • Masterpiece Portrait Session with 11X14 Enlargement
Bidding ends at noon on Sunday, December 21st.  Prizes are awarded to the highest bidder.  Proceeds benefit Unity Spiritual Center programs. Thank you for your generous support!

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