Circle of Grace: The Gift in Our Own Back Yard


Labyrinths have appeared on every continent and in every culture for over 3,500 years! They have been used for prayer, religious rituals, symbolic pilgrimages, and for blessing the land and all that lives upon it. There is an exciting labyrinth renaissance occurring on this planet, as people are discovering the benefits of walking a labyrinth for stress reduction, problem solving, grounding oneself, working through grief, healing, accessing intuitive guidance, letting go of anxious thoughts and worries, and communing with the Divine. The labyrinth can represent a metaphor for life's journey our true Inner Self, to the Christ Within, to union with God.  


A labyrinth is not a maze; there is only one path inward that always leads to the may have twists and turns, and it may appear sometimes that we are moving away from the center....but the labyrinth represents the spiritual Truth....that we are always on the path to God....that a loving Life Force gently supports us in moving towards our center....where we experience wholeness, inner peace and our oneness with God and all of life. The walk out symbolizes our bringing our centeredness, wholeness, Divine guidance, peace and inspiration back out into the world and into our lives.


We are so blessed at Unity Spiritual Center to have a seven-circuit labyrinth (the oldest known style) right in our own backyard! And we chose a very fitting name for our labyrinth: Circle of Grace.


We are registered with The Labyrinth Society and each year, on the first Saturday of May, we participate in World Labyrinth Day


Our labyrinth is open daily during daylight hours, but due to COVID-19, we ask that you be mindful of physical distancing precautions of remaining at least 6 feet apart and follow all guidelines set forth by the state of New Jersey. Email with any questions.