At Unity Spiritual Center, we acknowledge selfless service as an essential aspect of spiritual practice. Serving in our spiritual community has many rewards and opens unlimited possibilities in the lives of those who serve as well as those who benefit from the service. We are all One and in serving each other, we feed our own souls.

It is a privilege to serve, and the list below describes the many ways that you can serve at Unity Spiritual Center.  Because we know that our community members have many talents, we encourage you to select one or more areas of ministry which best allow you to share your gifts and interests as you serve your spiritual community.  Creative input is vital to the dynamic life of our community, and we encourage all ministry team members to share their suggestions and comments.

Along with attending Sunday services and classes, selfless service will offer you the opportunity to deepen your experience of Unity Spiritual Center as your spiritual home. We are not a spiritual community without selfless servers.   Blessings to you as you embark on the journey of becoming love in action.


Ministry Teams

AV/Sound Team
PURPOSE:  To ensure that all members of the congregation can hear the Sunday service and see the images projected on the AV screen.  To record the Sunday service and duplicate CD’s for purchase.

Lending Library Team
PURPOSE:  To serve the spiritual growth of the Unity community by curating our collection and lending inspirational, uplifting, and enlightening books, music, and other related materials. 

Building and Grounds Team
PURPOSE:  To ensure that all facets of the physical facility and grounds are clean, safe, and in good repair.

Caregiving Team
PURPOSE: To reach out to members in need (e.g. to prepare meals for an individual recovering from surgery).

Center Beautification Team
PURPOSE:  To coordinate the decoration of the various rooms of the interior building to foster a calm, welcoming, joyous atmosphere for all.

Daily Word Reader Team
PURPOSE:  To share your unique light as the reader of the “Daily Word” selection during Sunday service.

Fellowship Team
PURPOSE:  To set up and prepare refreshments for adults and children for a time of fellowship following the Sunday service.  To arrange for the kitchen to be cleaned up afterwards.

Fundraising Team
PURPOSE: To identify, plan, and carry out fundraising activities to bolster the center’s operating income.  

Music Team
PURPOSE:  To bless all who attend the Sunday service with inspiring, uplifting music.

New Member Welcome Team
PURPOSE:  To facilitate the process of welcoming and assimilating new members into the Unity community.

Office Support Team
PURPOSE:  To assist regularly with various tasks in the Unity office essential to running an effective organization.

Prayer Ministry Team
PURPOSE:  To provide ongoing prayer support for individuals, the community and the world.  

Spiritual Focus Team
PURPOSE:  To identify and schedule appropriate spiritual classes, workshops, and events to nourish the Unity community.  

Spiritual Social Action Team
PURPOSE:  To identify and facilitate the membership’s participation in community service projects throughout the year.  

Social Events/Round Robin Team
PURPOSE:  To plan and carry out social activities and round robin gatherings to foster a sense of community and friendship among the membership.

Sunday Service Team
PURPOSE:  To evaluate the various components of the Sunday service and advise the Minister and trustees about potential changes and improvements.

Usher/Greeter Team  
PURPOSE:  To greet people with warmth, light, and love as they enter the sanctuary on Sundays.  To facilitate a peaceful beginning to the service.  To help newcomers feel welcome and accepted.

Youth Ministry Team
PURPOSE:  To create a warm and loving classroom environment in which children and teens can learn Unity principles and discover their Divine potential.

Special Events Teams

Annual Picnic Team
PURPOSE:  To plan the menu and activities for the annual summer picnic.

Burning Bowl Ceremony Team
PURPOSE:  To work with the minister to develop and carry out the Burning Bowl ceremony on December 31st.

Christmas Eve Candlelighting Service Team
PURPOSE:  To work with the minister to develop and deliver an inspiring, uplifting Christmas Eve service.

Easter Sunday Service Team
PURPOSE:  To work with the minister to develop and deliver an inspiring, uplifting Easter Sunday service.

Giving Tree Team
PURPOSE:  To plan and carry out the collection of gifts for individuals and families in need during the holiday season.