Prayer Ministry and Prayer Chaplaincy

Prayer Ministry

The Unity Movement was founded on the concept of Affirmative Prayer. When we pray, we call in that which we desire in our lives. We remain humble as to how these wants and desires appear. And we remain devoted to God and knowing our prayers are always answered. Prayer does not change God, prayer changes us. 

If you wish to request that our Prayer Ministry team pray for you or someone you love, please fill in the Prayer Request Form.  Your request will held in prayer for one month and then will be forwarded to Silent Unity to be held in prayer for another month. 

Prayer Chaplains

Along with our Prayer Ministry, which allows anyone to access the support of group prayer, USC also has a group of individuals who have been extensively trained in a Prayer Chaplaincy Program. This Program differs from the Prayer Ministry in that it offers one-on-one prayer for anyone in need of prayer support.  Prayer Chaplains also offer monthly ‘wellness calls’ for our Voting Membership, and home/hospital visitation when requested. 
All Prayer Chaplains serve for one year. Prayer Chaplaincy Training is offered once a year, and in order to continue to serve, prayer chaplains must retake the training.

To request prayer, please complete the Prayer Request Form by clicking on the link below: