What's Up at Unity

WHAT'S UP AT UNITY - May 16, 2019

This month's theme is "Honoring Memories"
10 AM & 
11:45 AM
Musical Sunday Service by Armand & Angelina, followed by Native Flute Playshop
10 AM
Memorial Day Weekend
Sunday Service Message by Rev. Carmela, "The 4 Spiritual Laws of Prosperity: Goal-Setting"
10 AM &
12-3:30 PM
Sunday Service Message by Jon Mundy: "Never Think You Can See Sin in Anyone," followed by a workshop from 12 to 3:30: "What is a Mystical Experience?"
10 AM
YFM Closing Program

This Saturday's OPEN MIC NIGHT has been cancelled. 
The next scheduled date to be announced in coming weeks.
Unity Spiritual Center Presents:
Armand & Angelina
 Sunday, May 19th
Visit Armand & Angelina online at www.armandandangelina.com
Musical Sunday Service:
"An Attitude of Gratitude"
10 AM
International inspirational speakers and performing artists, Armand and Angelina will be offering a morning of Music, Message and Mirth to create a once in a lifetime experience of love, laughter and music. 
Gifted with one of the most angelic and heart-opening voices of our time, Angelina is often compared to Sarah Brightman. Armand's brilliant talks and compositions, powerful vocals, and engaging presence inspires us to love life passionately. 
Native Flute Playshop
11:45 AM (after fellowship)
Suggested Offering: $30 per person*
Are you ready to play the Native American Flute?
For centuries people have been mesmerized by the hypnotic sounds from these gentle, easy-to-play flutes. Whether you have a musical background or have always wanted to play a musical instrument, this playshop is for YOU. Please join us for a fun, magical day of music. We will have flutes available, or you may purchase one from us.
*No one will be turned away due to lack of funds.
For more information, call 908-730-8792 or email unity@unityspiritualcenter.org

Armand & Angelina: Reiki Love Song
Armand & Angelina: Reiki Love Song
By Sitting Bear Productions
Unity Spiritual Center Presents:
What is a Mystical Experience?
A Workshop by Jon Mundy, Ph.D.
Sunday, June 2, 2019

Sunday Service Message at 10 AM 

Workshop - Noon to 3:30 PM


Register in advance: $35

Pay at the door: $40




Have you ever had a mystical experience? One out of three Americans say that they have, and once you have had a taste, you want to know more. What are the characteristics of a mystical experience, and how is it different from a miracle? 

Discover through age-old insights and interactive experiences, which Jon will guide you through, how your life's journey can be filled with wonder, awe, freedom, and bliss. His most recent book, "A Course in Mysticism and Miracles" makes Jon uniquely qualified to help you understand your own personal journey on this metaphysical path.

For more information, call the office at 908-730-8792 or email unity@unityspiritualcenter.org

Join us for Unity Spiritual Center's
30th Anniversary Celebration
Saturday, August 3, 2019, 6:00 to 10:00 PM
Mountain View Chalet
154 Route 173, Asbury, NJ 08802
For 30 years, Unity has been helping individuals and families to discover and live their spiritual potential and purpose, as well as serving the greater community.
Re-connect and reminisce with old (& new) friends. Enjoy hors d'oeuvres, a buffet dinner, dessert, beverages, and cash bar. Frolic on the dance floor to music performed by popular NY-based band, "Who are Those Guys."
We're welcoming back Special Guest Speaker Rev. Audrey Palmerboth at the celebration dinner & 8/4 Sunday service.
Enjoy a delicious dinner with us at the
Adults: $80 per person
Children (up to age 10): $40 per person
For more information, call 908-730-8792 or email unity@unityspiritualcenter.org
30th Anniversary Gala Scholarship Request
If you are interested in applying for a scholarship to assist in purchasing a ticket to the 30th anniversary gala, click here

To honor all of the ways in which Unity Spiritual Center has touched the lives of its members, we will publish a full-color Celebration Journal for the event. 
PURCHASE AD SPACE AS A MEMBER OR FRIEND OF UNITY: There's no better way to honor a special person, event, teaching, feeling, or memory from your time at Unity than by purchasing ad space with a commemorative message


. Photos are welcome!
INVITE A LOCAL BUSINESS to purchase an ad that not only celebrates USC's 30 years, but also promotes the business to 100 to 150 members of a spiritual- and holistic-minded community.
To avoid multiple people approaching the same business, please let the office know, via phone or email, which business you wish to contact.
Click here to download and print a letter that you can give to business owners interested in purchasing ad space. 
Click here to download and print a paper order form. 
Click here for more information and to purchase ad space via an online form.
For more information, call the office at 908-730-8792 or email unity@unityspiritualcenter.org
Unity's Tree of Love
Unity Spiritual Center has installed a beautiful "Tree of Love" plaque in the sanctuary as a permanent way to honor memories and to celebrate milestones - etching in time the people and events that are significant to our spiritual community. This is an ongoing project that will raise capital for future USC needs. The tree was installed to coordinate with the upcoming 30th anniversary of Unity Spiritual Center and will be formally dedicated on August 4, 2019. The pricing below is offered for the first phase, and is subject to change.

1 Engraved Leaf - $120.00
1 Engraved Stone - $480.00

Please consider purchasing one or more leaves or a stone in honor of yourself or a loved one. We also invite you to contribute to the Honor Stones for USC founders Walter and Kathryn Chauncey and for Rev. Audrey Palmer.
Inscriptions can be up to 3 lines with up to 25 characters and spaces per line. For example:
Eric Butterworth Lending Library
CD of the Week: 
 The "Miracle Trap" (CD #73)
Eric Butterworth
In this weekly Avery Fisher Hall Service, Eric makes the following points:
  • By definition, a miracle is an abrogation or a violation of the laws of nature.
  • Scientists don't discover the laws of nature, they invent them. So-called laws of nature are mere descriptions of what has happened in the past and what we have reason to believe will occur sometime in the future.
  • As things change, as we get new insights into the universe, we invent new laws to cover them, to cover our descriptions.
  • If the Biblical account of Jesus' "miracles" is literally true, then there are fundamentals of nature involved of which we're not yet aware. 
  • Jesus knew and practiced the healing art because he understood the spiritual laws covering healing. Jesus was the Christ Principle in full expression.
  • Jesus said: "He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also and greater works than me shall he do." When Jesus says "believeth on me," He is talking about that consciousness which He identified with.
  • In some way you have participated in the problems of your life and you must participate in the solution. Paul says, "Be ye transformed by the renewing of our mind." It happened in your consciousness and it must be changed in your consciousness.
  • So I say, don't expect a miracle. Expecting a miracle is putting the whole weight of your consciousness on the side of belief of a universe of caprice. Your faith is the key to the kingdom of the power within you to apply spiritual laws that transcend human limitation.(Article submitted by Pete Haugk) 
All 97 CD's are available for lending on a Love Offering basis in our Compassionate Listening Room at Unity Spiritual Center. Check out the CD you want on the clipboard form by signing your name, the date you borrowed the CD and when you return it, just add the date you returned it.
All proceeds go to Unity Spiritual Center.
Youth & Family Ministry
From September to June, youth classes will meet 3-4 Sundays per month at 10 AM during the regular adult service.  On non-class days, children are invited to join the adults in the sanctuary.  
CLICK HERE for a REVISED schedule of 2018-2019 classes.
2018-2019 CURRICULUM
Based on the book The Simple Truth by Mary-Alice and Richard JaFolla, former directors of Silent Unity, this curriculum is an exploration of metaphysics designed especially for children and young teens.

New to YFM? CLICK HERE to register your child for the 2018-19 school year.
The Squirrel and Acorns are Waiting...
We're Almost There...
Help us fill all the envelopes on the board!
Join us in the final weeks of raising funds to catch up on our Winter expenses. Take an envelope of the amount you would like to donate, insert cash or a check, and place in our love offering bags or give to the office staff.
Thank you!!
* * * * * Unity News* * * * *           
Patricia Springwell lights a candle in honor of "Women in the Bible" during our special Mother's Day Service. Also pictured l. to r. are Fran Polacco and Rev. Carmela.



Celebrating World Labyrinth Day in May 2014. 
  • To Nancy Fleming for bringing her vocal talents to the music team during the Mother's Day Service.
  • To Patricia Springwell, Kathie Shannon, Fran Polacco, Gailann Bruen, Lainie Beavin, and Jean Allured for their readings during the Mother's Day Service.
Part-Time Audio/Visual Technician
Unity Spiritual Center is looking for someone to manage our sound board, update/create slide show, and operate slide show projector during our Sunday services. Must be available Sundays 9:30 to 11:30 AM. $15 per hour. Experience working with sound equipment, slide show projector, and PowerPoint application desired but not required. Will train. If interested, please see Sherry, Jean, or Rev. Carmela in the office 
OR email resume to unity@unityspiritualcenter.org.



For this Sunday and upcoming Sundays, we are thankful for the volunteers who have offered to serve as our hosts for fellowship.  We would be additionally thankful for volunteers to sign up to help with clean-up or to bring a dish to share. Please sign up by clicking the link below:  
Ways to Give  

Unity Spiritual Center is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization which relies on the generous support of individual donors and foundations. Your tax-deductible gift to Unity Spiritual Center allows us to serve the mission and vision of this spiritual community. Help us to expand our ever increasing circles of good. Partner with us in this process with your gift today; every gift makes a difference and we are grateful. 
  • Cash or Check (payable to Unity Spiritual Center) - mailed or hand-delivered
  • Credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover)
  • One-time or recurring payment through your bank's online bill pay system
  • Authorized monthly credit card transaction - see office staff for authorization form
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Ongoing Classes/Meetings

A Course in Miracles Home Study Group
Meets Wednesdays 7-8:30 PM in Glen Gardner. Phone for info: 908-537-4448.

A Course In Miracles for Beginners
Meets 2nd & 4th Tuesdays  6:30 - 8:00 PM in Rev. Carmela's Office at Unity
Joel S. Goldsmith / Infinite Way Study Group
Thursdays at 10 AM EXCEPT for the first Thursday of the month - group meets at Unity.   
Silent Meditation
Thursdays 12-1 PM in the Unity bookstore.

Monthly Evening Meditation
1st Tuesday evening of the month - 7 PM at Unity.
Stepping Stones Journal

Coming Soon: check out this blog by Jean and Sherry - your friendly USC staffers.
Click Here for Stepping Stones Journal
Ongoing Fundraisers
USC offers ShopRite gift cards for sale at face value.  Available in denominations of $50 and $100.  Can be used at any local ShopRite grocery store.  USC receives a percentage of all sales.  Purchase cards on Sundays or during office hours. 
Donate to Unity Spiritual Center when you shop at amazon.com.  Just go to USC's website www.unityspiritualcenter.org, and click on the amazon link (on every page except the home page) to start shopping.  USC gets a percentage of all sales made through USC's website.
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